About JT PAC


It is common knowledge that performing arts traditions have been highly revered in India for centuries. And indeed, with the prominence and patronage the arts received from royalty and common man alike, it is no wonder that art forms, be it music, dance, theatre or the folk arts, flourished over generations.

JT Pac is conceptualized as an ecosystem to preserve, sustain, propagate and nurture the performing arts traditions of India and the world. It is a habitat where art dwells in the soul of everyone associated with it. It is indeed an art ecosystem that has been carefully created to preserve, nurture and celebrate performing arts.

In todays world where performing artistes find themselves stuck in a situation where they have to choose between sustenance and their passion to preserve the integrity of their art, JT Pac aims to provide an environment a sanctuary where art will thrive, and artistes will find a platform to develop and work towards setting new standards not only in the realm of performances, but in the very culture of art appreciation.

Envisioned by the most creative minds of the art world, JT Pac aims to bring the performing arts right where they belong to the centre stage of culture. With a subtle blend of the traditional and the transcultural, JT Pac ensures a lifetime of experiences with the sublime touch of Performing Arts. A major aspect of JT PAC’s mission is to develop into a world-class cultural society, building a platform for the best of the countrys budding artists.

Latest Events


JTPAC presents MAD ORANGE FIREWORKS on JULY 10TH,2016 at 7:00 PM

JTPAC Tripunithura

07:00 pm

Music is their passion, but the members of this four-piece band work in the fields of engineering and architecture. Mad Orange Fireworks originally started out ...


JTPAC presents Music Concert by the CCB

JTPAC Tripunithura

07:00 pm

JTPAC presents Music Concert by the CCB Catholic Congregation of Blind on JUNE 19th, 2016 at 7:00 PM DATE- 19th June GENRE – MUSIC Time: 7:00PM Venue: JT ...



JTPAC Tripunithura

07:00 pm

JTPAC presents WHEN CHAI MET TOAST on APRIL 3RD, 2016 at 7:00 PM DATE- 03 rd  April GENRE – MUSIC Time: 7:00PM Venue: JT Performing Arts Center, Choice School ...


Celebrating 7 years of JTPac

07:00 pm

IN CELEBRATION OF 7  YEARS JTPAC brings to you JAZZ QUARTET FROM JAPAN AND INDIA on FEBRUARY 21ST , 2016 at 7:00 PM We have a  // Jazz Quartet from Japan and ...