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Who we are

It is common knowledge that performing arts traditions have been highly revered in India for centuries. And indeed, with the prominence and patronage the arts received from royalty and common man alike, it is no wonder that art forms, be it music, dance, theatre or the folk arts, flourished over generations.

JT Pac is conceptualized as an ecosystem to preserve, sustain, propagate and nurture the performing arts traditions of India and the world. It is a habitat where art dwells in the soul of everyone associated with it. It is indeed an art ecosystem that has been carefully created to preserve, nurture and celebrate performing arts.

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JT PAC (JT Performing Arts Center) is born out of a vision of an art ecosystem that encompasses the need to preserve, nurture, propagate, celebrate and showcase the countless treasures of our performing arts with a focus on music, dance, theatre and folk art. Besides spreading out as a tree of life around which these arts can flourish, JT PAC by its very nature is designed to be an intellectual crucible that can shape the sensibilities of the public, set benchmarks in artistic standards and influence the very culture of art appreciation.


In the year 1991, The Choice School began its journey in pursuit of meaningful education. Today, the school has evolved into an institution that has delivered its promise of ‘excellence in education’ to over 1500 graduates and is still growing. The school has a current strength of more than 2700 students and more than 300 teaching and non-teaching staff.

JT Pac Technical Specifications

List of Light Equipment at JT pac

  1. Par 64 Aluminum Cans

  2. ETC-8 Profile Source 4 (8*36) (6*26)

  3. DTS Italy Follow Spot 1.2HMI

  4. LOOK Germany Haze Machine

  5. Martin Viper Moving Head

  6. MA Lighting Tour Dimmer 12*2.4 with Harting Connectors

  7. MA Lighting 24/6 Light Commander Console

  8. MA 2 Ultra-Light Consol

  9. Martin Moving Head

  10. ETC Fresnel Light with Bandoor

  11. MAC AURA LED Spot Light

  12. ETC Profile 20-50 Source Four

  13. JEM Haze Machine

List of Audio Equipment at JT pac

  1. Venue SC 48 Digital Sound Consol

  2. AKG HM 1000 Hanging Model Mic

  3. AKG GN50 ESP Gooseneck Model Mic for Podium

  4. AKG CK80 Short Gun Capsule Mic

  5. AKG D5 Vocal Mic

  6. AKG D40 Instrument Mic

  7. AKG C519M Instrument Mic

  8. AKG Drum Kit Mic (including box)

    • AKG D112

    • AKG C518

    • AKG C1000S

  1. AKG WMS450 Wireless Mic

  2. AKG WMS450 Lapel Mic with Body pack

  3. AKG K240 Head Phone

  4. BSS AR133 DI Box

  5. Mic Stand with Boom Big

  6. Gooseneck Light for Mixer

  7. Microphone Box

  8. Shure Mic SM58

  9. Onkai BR250 Amp for passage Speaker

  10. Vinverth DVD Player

  11. Denon DN4500 MP3 Player

  12. Behringer mX 882 Signal Splitter

  13. Mic Stand Small

  14. Music Stand Big

  15. Music Stand Small

  16. Extension Box for Power

  17. Sennheiser EW G3 165 – Wireless Mic

  18. SM 57 instrumental mic

  19. Sennheiser Wireless Lapel( MKE2-EW-GOLD/BEIGE
    Omni Lav Mic for EW Wireless)

  20. SHURE Hanging mic

  21. SHURE Flore mic

  22. D&B YI8 Loud Speaker

  23. D&B YI Subwoofer

  24. D&B YI 10P Loud Speaker(Delay Stack Speaker)

  25. D&B E8 Loud Speaker (Front Fill Speaker)

  26. D&B D80 Amplifier

  27. D&B M4 Monitor Speakers

  28. D&B D20 Amplifier

  29. Crown XLX 5000 Amplifier(Green Room)

  30. Avid 48 Stage Rack System(32 Channel + 16 Out)

  31. JBL Control 25 (Green + Balcony + 1)

  32. Macbook Laptop for Audio Operating System

Jose Thomas’s Vision

JTPAC recently completed its 10 years, a very proud moment for the whole team of JTPAC.

And, as I write this, I find myself at a juncture – looking backwards and forward all at once. As we reminisce our efforts through the ten years, we hear the wild applause at the end of each show, the grateful artists, and the happy, satisfied audience.

However, we shall not be complacent. We hope to share this experience that we have created with the global population as we plan to expand our love for performing arts across the globe.  At the midst of this year, we are also looking forward to bringing each one of you more than the last time.

And so, our team has handpicked and planned each of our upcoming shows.  And you, my dear audience shall always be our inspiration.

Mohanlal’s Vision

Pablo Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Well, as an artist myself, I can tell you that it is indeed true.

An artist does not just live merely by breathing, he lives by creating- creating a smile on a face, a feeling in the heart, and emotions in a man.

Well, here at JTPAC we do the same. We let you unburden the stress of weekdays and wash off the dust. The upcoming events for this year promises to do the same. So, join us to savor the pleasures of life!

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