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JT PAC is conceptualized as an ecosystem to preserve, sustain, propagate, and nurture the performing arts traditions of India and the world. It serves as a habitat where art dwells in the souls of everyone associated with it. This art ecosystem has been carefully created to preserve, nurture, and celebrate performing arts.

In today’s world, performing artists often find themselves in a dilemma where they have to choose between sustaining their livelihood and preserving the integrity of their art. JT PAC aims to provide a sanctuary, an environment where art will thrive, and artists will find a platform to develop and work towards setting new standards, not only in the realm of performances but also in the very culture of art appreciation.

Envisioned by the most creative minds of the art world, JT PAC aims to bring the performing arts to the center stage of culture. With a subtle blend of the traditional and the transcultural, JT PAC ensures a lifetime of experiences with the sublime touch of Performing Arts. A major aspect of JT PAC’s mission is to develop into a world-class cultural society, building a platform for the best of the country’s budding artists.




A magnificent performance center with a 600-seat capacity, ergonomically designed to provide a vantage view from all points. The air-conditioned arena is replete with a spaced-out lobby and cafeteria, making it the perfect place to get inspired and interact. In addition to its magnificent features, the performance center offers ample parking space, ensuring hassle-free access for all attendees. 



Moreover, the JT PAC takes pride in its commitment to technical excellence, boasting in-house expert sound engineers and lighting engineers. These skilled professionals work diligently behind the scenes, ensuring flawless audio and visual experiences that elevate every performance to new heights. 

Artists from India and abroad have found this place to be of rare sanctity due to the value JT PAC places on arts and culture. This has driven them to return with more, dedicated to an audience that is truly enthralled. 

The JT PAC stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and culture, offering a world-class venue where creativity and technical expertise combine to deliver unforgettable experiences.


The first multi -centric cultural stage in Kerala, JT PAC has been committed since its inception in 2009 to promoting and preserving the country’s rich and vibrant traditions in music, dance, folk, and theatre.

The center was launched by Malayalam Film actor Padmashri Mohanlal and Choice Group Chairman Jose Thomas, fulfilling their commitment to preserving art and culture in the days to come.

JT PAC is the only star member of the International Society for the Performing Arts. The design of the concert hall itself inspires the performers and excites the audience. It is recognized by artists, patrons, and the media alike as one of South India’s foremost venues for performing arts

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