Zindagi ek Safar


June 20th, 2018

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Zindagi ek Safar
An evening of reminiscing always makes one feel good about the pleasant experiences they’ve had in the past. Some look at pictures or watch home videos. Others look at knick knacks and remember the sweet memories of the good old days and some turn on the music and just give in to the tunes that take them back in time. Well, if you’re that kind of a person, then this is an event you’d enjoy. Directed by Milind Oak, Niche Entertainment and Drishti Creative Productions brings you music from the glory days of Indian cinema, Zindagi ek Safar, an evening to appreciate the songs from movies like Barsaat, Awaara, Shree 420 and Anari and performed by Vibhavari Apte Joshi, Dhawal Chandwadkar, Neha Verma and Rafi Habib, accompanied by a live orchestra. This show is to take place on the 17th of June 2018 at 7:30 pm at JT Performing Arts Centre, The Choice Campus, Tripunithura. Tickets are available online.

Milind Oak is known for his work in Niche Entertainment, a company that nurtures talents of various art forms in dance and music. His work includes the direction of a show about the 100 year journey that Bollywood music has made, where he brings together tunes from artists like Prithvi Raj, Saigal and AR Rahman, sung by accomplished musicians and singers from around the globe. Zindagi ek Safar is a similar show with numerous renditions of the songs of the famous duo Shankar Jaikishan. Niche Entertainment caters to disseminate Indian culture through music by performing in multiple states of America. It is a community that helps individuals showcase their talents and get the exposure they need to make a career.
The musical show will be narrated by Salim Arif, an alumnus of the National Drama School, Delhi and a popular director among the Hindi Theatre buffs across India. He has directed a number of plays titled Shyam Rang, Rakt Kalyan and Aapki Soniya to name a few, that have been extensively performed in India as well as abroad and has got major acclaim worldwide. Drishti Creative Production, which is based out of Delhi, is a partner in this musical evening. The company is known for its creative media that are usually related to social themes. They are the people who bring the talent to the masses, through their group of event managers, digital marketers and creative personnel who make it happen.

Zindagi ek Safar will not just take you back in time to the tune of the glory days, but will also make you proud of your culture and heritage. Inviting a friend or two wouldn’t hurt, as their aim is to bring talented people into the limelight and help them grow. Niche Entertainment, along with Drishti Creative Productions, transcends the limits of culture and strives to entertain as well as educate. With multiple acts from diverse artists, they create a platform for talented individuals to not just show off their capabilities, but also to help them grow and nurture their crafts. This show certainly would be a delight to watch at JTPAC, Kochi.

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