Thaikkudam Bridge
Multi Genre Band

Duration: 2 hours
Date: 4th June, 2014
Language: Multilingual- in English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil
Time: 7 pm
Age Limit: All ages


Thaikkudam Bridge is a band composed of musicians who came together first for a show called "Music Mojo" in the Malayalam channel Kappa TV. It was when cousins Govind Menon and Siddharth Menon got an opportunity to perform at this show that they brought together artist friends from Kerala and Mumbai to perform with them. From the oldest member of the band Peethambaran Menon (vocals, and also Govind Menon's father) to the youngest Abin Thej (drums), they work together earnestly to produce music with the theme 'melody' in mind. The songs they performed on the show instantly connected with Malayalis worldwide. They experiment with songs from Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and English and give these songs a unique 'T-bridge magic touch'. They have also composed two songs titled 'Fish Rock' and 'Shiva’. When asked about how the band got its name, Govind Menon said "We used to practice in an apartment near Thaikkudam Bridge which is why we gave it the name. Simple". It was Piyush Kapoor's idea to call the band with this special name. The music of the band got popularized majorly through social media networking sites and YouTube. It has grown to become one of the most popular bands in Kerala. After Avial which hailed from Kerala, youngsters are found to heart the music of 'Thaikkudam Bridge' in spite of it not being specifically classified under pop/rock/metal etc. The media is astounded to see the sudden growth of a Kerala-based music band (the first of its kind in the state) and it will be no wonder if the band makes its presence felt in academic circles as an example of how the young generation of the 2010s is influenced by music, that is not of a specific genre, but, music of class. Thaikkudam Bridge is certainly going down in Kerala history for its contribution to the music industry of Kerala, and the influence it has had on its audience.

Fish Rock:

Vocals: Govind Menon
Backing Vocals: Siddharth Menon Vipin Lal & Christin Jose
Guitars: Mithun Raju & Ashok Nelson
Bass And Rap: Vian Fernandes
Keyboard: Ruthin Thej
Drums: Abin Thej Turn Table: Amith Bal
Lyrics: Dhanya Menon
Composed And Produced: Govind Menon
Mixed And Mastered: Rajan Ks.


Vocals: Krishna Bongane & Nila Madhav Mohapatra
Backing Vocals: Govind Menon And Vipin Lal
Lyrics: Gajanan Mitke
Guitar: Mithun Raju
Drums: Abin Thej
Keyboard: Ruthin Thej
Composed And Produced: Govind Menon
Mixed And Mastered: Rajan Ks.


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