Pandit Sugato Bhaduri
Mandolin Maestro

Sugato, one of the most sought after Mandolinist in India today, was initiated into the field of music at a very tender age. While he was a school going boy started learning vocal music from his uncle and emerged out as a child artist performing on A.I.R.

The salient feature of his music, speaks of his rare caliber of blending the Gayaki-ang with Tantrakari in an aesthetically rich manner.His crystal clear variegated ekhara taans and rhythmic intricacy is worthy to note. Profound emotionalism, vast intellectual approach towards the raga and sound technique are the basic components of his music.

Deep resonant tone of his instrument, evoking shades of Veena, Rabab, Sarod and Sitar has helped his music to tap the earliest sources of indian Classical Music and bring it forth with a new sound.

In 2012, he was awarded the prestigious GANDHARVA RATNA title by Sangeet Samraat Ustad Alladiya khan memorial,kolhapur,Maharashtra.


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