BANE - Guinness World Record Performance
International Performance, Theatre, Comedy/Musical

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Producer: Presented by JTPAC in association with EVAM.

Starring: Joe Bone with music by Ben Roe

Guinness World Record performance by Joe Bone - Who holds this record for playing the most number of characters in a single play on stage in this play - Bane. Bane is a one-man - one-musician play, that follows comical gunslinger Bruce Bane, as he goes about his shadowy business in the city. Joe Bone plays all the characters, Ben Roe plays all the music. The shows have won the pair multiple awards and critical success, with development of a graphic novel, DVD and cross media platforms all in the works.

It's a comedy that follows this fictional creation Bruce Bane, and his exploits, with music man Ben Roe on board, who offers his unique sound and dramaturgy to the stories of Bane.

This is a fast-talking, quick-moving, smart-thinking little gem of a show... an epic thriller of rival gangs and toxic monsters, of death and ... well, it's all showcased by just ONE MAN!


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