The roster of high quality & diverse programs held at JT Pac provides an unparalleled range of opportunities for corporate partnerships. JT Pac can provide a broad spectrum of sponsor objectives:

  1. Special Promotions & Product Launches
  2. Exhibitions & Workshops
  3. Screenings of documentaries etc
  4. Children Film Festivals
  5. Concerts
  6. Corporate Award Functions
  7. Conferences & Conventions

Affiliation with a state of the art Performing arts Theatre Sponsorship of JT Pac programs & events means:

  1. Excellent targeted visibility
  2. High profile corporate recognition
  3. An association with quality, prestige, innovation and excellence

Direct access to an influential audience in an organized environment. Sponsorship Benefits can include:

  1. Category Exclusivity
  2. On & Off Site Visibility
  1. Product Display Opportunities
  2. Audience Presentations
  3. Credit in print advertising, with the use of logo
  4. Credit in broadcast advertising
  5. Credit in collateral materials, including brochures, tickets, mailings, flyers, banners & posters
  6. Exclusive dining with the day’s performer
  7. Complimentary tickets to sponsored events
  8. Souvenirs