Artist: Shobhana Chandrakumar,Grand Piano-Anil srinivasan,Guitar-Sanjoy Das,Tabla-Vijay Ghate
Date: 10th August 2014
Time: 6 30 pm
Venue: JT Performing Arts Center, Choice School Campus, Tripunithura
City: Kochi
Age Limit: All ages
Duration: 2 hours


Classical dance is far too much a consummate dance form to be restricted to only chamber performances or be termed as an elitist art. It is only the Mudras that are a subject or a code, but not the way of expression, especially when you have the right music.

People find it easier to just follow music because it employs one sense at a time and that’s also the reason for the ever on going discussion of why the audience s are dwindling for classical dance. Music is a whole in its entirety and if only the dance can be an extension of the music it would be simpler to appreciate. One can dance with the music, or to or before or after or in or against …

Originating from the temples, the Face of Bharathanatyam is slowly changing as artistes’ quest to conquer, then explore and finally surrender to this art. Though dance has stepped out of the temples, it has retained its sensual and sacred quality.

‘Samadhina’ is a quest to present Bharatanatyam in an eclectic and spiritual form.

The same principles of classical dance which are rules, control, tunefulness or bhava, rhythm structure and ability to appeal to the audience, can be applied to any kind of music genres. In samadina each piece is strewn together on the structre of a margam but with music ranging from film, Sufi to khayal to composition s of Bach and Vivaldi in the western classical genre.


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