Postcards From Bardoli

Artist : Enacted by - Amol Parashar and Jaimini Pathak
Written by Ramu Ramanathan, Directed By Jaimini Pathak
Date : 8/3/2015, Saturday
Genre :English Play
Time : 7 pm
Duration :90 minutes (without interval)
Venue : JT Performing Arts Center, Choice School Campus, Tripunithura
City: Kochi
Age Limit : All ages


In 1928, drought-stricken farmers of Bardoli, Gujarat, embarked on a Satyagraha against the increase of land tax rates imposed on them by the British India government. This successful agitation, led by Vallabhbhai Patel, earned him the title ‘Sardar’. It is ironical that the very words used by Sardar exposing the government’s injustice 85 years ago, hold true until today.

POSTCARDS FROM BARDOLI is a play set in post-Liberalisation India, when the battles for food, for education, for employment and for economic security have presumably been won. Born at the cusp of transition, Mihir grows up in a world full of promises. To his father the ebullient Mihir is a pioneer—free to be himself, a football fan and…infinitely more fun.

But…the current raging Agrarian Crisis in India, with the worst-ever recorded wave of farmer suicides in history, captures young Mihir's attention. Taking a cue from the historical Bardoli Satyagraha and drawing inspiration from its hero, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Mihir embarks on a perilous journey. With his hapless and flawed father looking on…


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