Our Mission


Art is often likened to an organism that unveils its grandeur in a perfect habitat.

Especially so, the performing arts. Like a poem that constantly keeps an eye out for the reader or a painting that looks out for the beholder, performing art forms seek environments where they can thrive.

Down the ages, the temples of India, the Acropolis, the Colosseum, the Gothic cathedrals of Europe and the palaces of emperors have all been sanctuaries where performing art forms sprouted, took root, branched out, blossomed, breathed, grew and lived in all their splendour. Today, just like our natural ecosystems, such art habitats around the world are gradually dying out. Out there, performing artistes are caught between the need to survive and their passion to preserve the integrity of their art.

JT PAC (JT Performing Arts Center) is born out of a vision of an art ecosystem that encompasses the need to preserve, nurture, propagate, celebrate and showcase the countless treasures of our performing arts with a focus on music, dance, theatre and folk art. Besides spreading out as a tree of life around which these arts can flourish, JT PAC by its very nature is designed to be an intellectual crucible that can shape the sensibilities of the public, set benchmarks in artistic standards and influence the very culture of art appreciation.

Though set against an international backdrop, JT PAC draws its inspiration from the infinitely rich tradition of Indian performing arts. The sprawling performance center in Cochin, Kerala and its advanced stage production systems, envisioned by some of the world’s legendary artistes, are all created around a larger vision – a vision to put performing arts right back on to the center stage of our culture.