Artist : Mr. Dharmendra Gohil, Ms. Sneha Desai
Date:9TH NOVEMBER 2014
Time: 6.30 pm
Duration: 1 hour
Age Limit: All ages


A young couple Siddharth and Maitri are going through a troubled phase in their marriage. Siddharth is on a sabbatical from work and busy putting together a book that he has been longing to write and Maitri is working quite successfully as an interior decorator. She has suffered a miscarriage and the grief of losing a child is constantly chewing on their lives. Now they both suffer in quiet silence and are used to putting up pretences of normalcy. One day there is a notice on the society board which says that between 7-9 every evening there will be an electricity cut in the area due to some repair work. They make some minor changes in their otherwise fixed schedules to incorporate the electricity cut. They are now forced to share sparse and functional candlelit dinners and are faced with the prospect of talking to each other in the absence of escapist gadgets like their TV and computers. They both decide to share a hitherto unshared secret with each other on every night. From seriously funny to hidden demons and skeletons in the closet, words come tumbling out in the comforting darkness and they both stand at crossroads waiting to decide if they are really a couple or a divorce on standby.


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