Avril Quadros and band

Artist: Avril Quadros
Duration: 1 hour 15 mins

Date: 29th June, 2014
Language:Hindi and English pop
Time: 7 pm
Age Limit: 10 years and above


A Mangalorean by birth, Avril's love for music and her talent showed forth since her childhood, right from her kindergarten days. With extra training in classical music (both western and Indian), theater and dance, she soon made the stage her home. She remains one of the few musicians in India in both Hindi and English, exploring numerous genres like rock, jazz, blues, classical, hip-hop, retro and disco, to name a few. Her own compositions have eclecticism at their heart and have repeatedly captured the minds of the audience..

Unsurprisingly, Avril also has a number of awards to her name. She is the past winner of the Bits Pilani Rock Fest and has fronted many bands like Gangammas Pleasure, Pulse and AQ Project. She is also the first female Indian artist to have a single release aired on VH1 and numerous other music channels. Moreover, her love for music has taken her behind the scenes as a singer for the film 'Jugaari', numerous radio jingles and advertisements.

To say that she owns the stage is an understatement. She has proven her talent over and over again by playing the emcee at times, performing with a live band, performing solo sets and even DJing!


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